Nothing Else Like It!
The game is never the same. I've never played two games that are alike. Different people get placed in different places, and different people make different decisions. You play against the board, as a group, so everyone wins, or everyone loses. There's a lot of strategy - that's very important in winning the game. Passions definitely run high. It's a really neat game. I would buy it as soon as I could!
  - Amy, 15
You don't win every time, which is probably what makes it fun. I like it how everyone's playing at once, because then you don't have to take turns, and wait your turn, because that can be kind of boring. This game is intense, because you don't know what's going to happen next!
  - Tyler, 12
It is almost guaranteed that they will lose, if they don't work together.
  - Chris, CEO
You have the initial rush to get out of where you start, and once you're past that, then you're OK for a little while, until the bad guys just run out of space to be in, and you run into them all the time! There is a great deal of working together, because you essentially run out of weapons, at times very quickly. I think I like it best when a larger group is playing, simply because it's more … chaotic, actually!
  - David, Electrical Engineer
This board game is so different from any other board game I've played. This is not a game for just boys. Definitely not. It is - so - much - fun! I just love it. And everybody I know that has played it has loved it.
  - Tennessee, 14
It's not fun when you lose a game, but it's good to have games that can be lost, otherwise there's no challenge!
  - Ed, Mechanical Engineer
What's so much fun about this is just the chaos that develops… as people are playing, and getting frantic about getting their pieces moved, playing as fast as they can, working the die, working their cards, trying to get other people to understand how they see it, what the danger is that they're addressing, how they can help other people. Players are constantly coming to the rescue of other players, grouping together to go after one enemy or another … it is just great fun.
  - Gary, VP Technology
You never know, when you start out, where you're going to wind up. But there's always a goal! I wanted to recreate the emotion and the involvement that I get when I read a first class piece of fantasy fiction.
  - Veranne, Game Designer
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