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BeezComb (tm)

for the family! for friends! for fun!

A quick-play card game:

        build the honeycomb by
        matching colors;

        win points by strategic placement
        of your cards.

* All cards must help form the arc of a
"ring" or hexagon.

* The number of cards in the arc of the
hexagon is the base score for the turn.
Earn extra points with the use of various

* Completing a hexagon ring earns
double points — you must match two
adjoining colors, not just one!

Create complications and opportunities
using 'Busy Bees' and 'Drones'. Avoid
the 'Killer Bee'!

Three levels of play to suit various ages:
Level I:     6 years - adult

Uses color sense, counting skills, and introduces the idea of strategy -
which position will earn me the most points?

Level II:     9 years - adult

Increases strategic choices with more control of card play.

Level III:    12 years - adult

More opportunities to maximize your score and minimize your opponents’ point count.

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